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Once you had a good look of my work and loved what you see, let’s start the process by having a conversation, just fill out my contact form. Once that’s done we can go right ahead to planning and talk into details about your session!

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let's make it official

After all the important questions and concerns have been answered, it’s time to book your date!

into details

this is where we put down in pen, what you imagined out of this photoshoot. we will collaborate on a google doc or a Pinterest board to really understand each others visual ideas, so we can attain a smooth sailing session

session day

after detailed planning, we finally got here! we will cover everything we talked about and enjoy the ability to freeze time in a photo

Proofs of keepsakes

It's very important for you, as a client to be able to see my style of photography and to appreciate it because please do keep in mind, my work is a combination of what I do post

and edit process, both goes hand in hand. And that most likely this is going to be the same aesthetic as your photos. And if my style is not for you don't worry, there's a saying that goes, "not everyone is for you", and maybe I'm simply not for you! and that's okay because there are other great artists out there that can be!